Lighted Driving Range and Practice Area For Golfer

The Mile Square Golf Course in Orange County has one of the most popular driving ranges on the planet. It's the closest driving range to a number of well-known locations, making it perfect for locals or those on the road. Moreover, it's the best driving range that offers a chance to practice your swing well past sunset. 

Night Practice Provides More Chances to Play

For most golf ranges, the opportunity to practice your golf game comes to an end. That means fighting the crows on the weekends for a tee-time or a spot on a public driving range for those who aren't available during the week. 

Night practice allows players to enjoy some extra times with their clubs past the standard closing time. The range is lit by floodlights to provide plenty of visibility. In fact, some argue it's easier to track your shots without the bright sun getting in your way. You can also enjoy cooler temperatures practicing after hours. 

At the Mile Square Golf Club in Orange County, California, we allow players to practice on our large driving range until 10:00 pm. The last bucket of balls is sold at 9:00 pm, which means you have plenty of time to enjoy the fresh air while practicing on a beautiful night. 

If you want to do more than get some time on one range, you might enjoy our twilight tee-times or our super twilight nine-hole options. With fewer people on the courses, you can take your time on the putting green or find a new club that will add some magic to your game. 

Don't miss out on getting to use your favorite golf club just because the sun is going down. Enjoy twilight and night golf practice every day of the week. 

Does Night Golf Cost More?

While it might seem like visiting a driving range in Orange County at night would cost more, we're proud to offer competitive prices all-day and all-year-round. A small basket of practice balls is only $6.00. You won't find a more economically-priced large driving range in Anaheim or anywhere else in Orange County. 

Keep an eye on our website for special promotions or join our birthday club to save even more. 

What do I Need to Practice at Night?

While walk-on options are available, it's always best to make a golf reservation for your trip to the best golf course with driving range options in California. 

  • Each golfer is required to have a set of clubs and a golf bag. While we do offer club rentals, make sure to call ahead to check on availability.
  • Proper attire is also required at all times. This means men's shirts should have sleeves, and no metal or ceramic spikes are allowed. 
  • You can find most of your needs in our state-of-the-art pro shop. From food and beverages for your night game to gear, clothing, and accessories, we can make sure you get the perfect evening on the course or range. 

Night Golf Tips

Just like any other sport that is typically played during the day, night golf practice can take a little getting used to. Practicing on our night driving range only one time may not produce the results you're used to during the day. Here are some tips to make sure you enjoy your time under the lights. 

Trust Your Swing

One of the most significant differences that come from playing under the lights is that your depth perception isn't the same as during the day. That means you'll want to trust distance signage or your range finder to know just how far you are from the target. This is also where taking some swings at the driving range will come into play. You'll build trust in how your swing works for different distances. 

Have Fun

If it's the first you've practiced at night, you may not represent your best game. It can be frustrating to think you lucky golf club doesn't have its magic anymore, but the reality is that practicing at night simply requires getting used to. Visiting the large grass area at our Orange County Golf Course is always going to be a great time, even if you make a bad shot because your shadow is in the way. 

Give us a call or stop by our website to reserve your next lit range visit or twilight tee-time today.