Keeping Tee Times Safe During COVID 19

It seems like so much of your favourite activities have gone out the window in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but one thing you can still enjoy is a fun game of golf. You can find golf tee times that are spread out so you won’t be on the course with a lot of people at once time and can social distance while still having fun.

Here are some tips to help you and others stay safe when you are playing golf.

How to Play Golf Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ride Alone

We work hard to protect our golfers so we only allow individual use of golf carts. This will be much safer than sharing the cart with others, and it will make it easier for the golf course employees to disinfect the cart when you are finished with it.


Our employees go to great lengths to ensure that every golf car is disinfected, cleaned and properly prepared so every golfer is safe and protected from the spread of germs.


Bring Disinfectant

While most golf courses will have disinfectant at the clubhouse, you may find yourself short on sanitizer in the middle of the green! Be proactive and bring your own disinfectant to your games. 


While COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, droplets containing the virus can fall from an infected person’s nose and mouth when they talk, cough, or sneeze. These droplets land on surfaces and objects around them.


The danger comes when you touch these objects, transfer the virus to your hands, and introduce the virus into your body when you bring your hands to your own nose or mouth. 


Disinfectant helps by killing viruses on surfaces, frequently-touched objects, and your hands. You should bring a bottle of alcohol or sanitizer, and use it to clean anything you touch during your golf game. You can spray your clubs, the golf cart, doorknobs, counters, and anything else you come in contact with. 


You should also regularly disinfect your hands, especially before drinking, eating, or touching your face.

Leave The Flag In The Hole

Speaking of frequently-touched objects—while most people like to take the flag from the hole when the other golfer is putting, it’s best to just leave it in there. If everyone touches the flag, it soon becomes contaminated and could be a place for viruses to grow and spread. 


Leaving it in the hole will not affect the game and you will still be able to putt normally. If you do need to remove the flag, consider using a glove or a tissue instead of touching the flag itself. Dispose of the glove or tissue properly when you are done.  

No Celebratory Hugs Or High Fives

Back then, when your golf buddy executes an awesome drive or does well on a hole, it’s common to give them a hug or a high five. Since COVID-19 can be spread when people touch infected hands or are close enough to exchange respiratory droplets, it’s better not to do this anymore.


Of course, there are other ways of celebrating success! You can enthusiastically cheer for them or pay for their drinks later. This will make it possible for you to enjoy your game but also help prevent the spread of germs.


Wear A Mask

Masks are required in most indoor areas but they may be optional outside on the golf course if you are social distancing. To err on the safe side, it’s still much better to wear a mask as long as you anticipate being around other people.


A mask can help protect you from the virus and make it possible to enjoy your time with friends and not have to worry so much about how far apart you are. There are various types of masks available to fit your preferences.


Keep Your Distance

Golf is not a contact sport. Still, it can be easy to forget that you need to keep your distance when you are outside and feel like you are safer.


It’s important to still be mindful of your distance from your friends. Stay at least six feet apart at all times for maximum safety. 

Use Your Phones

If you need to be able to talk to your friends but don’t want to get too close, or if you are going to play a few mins apart so you can space yourselves out on the course, you may want to use your phone to stay connected with them.


This will allow you to communicate with each other easily, even if you are not close enough to speak to each other.


Don’t Share Gear

Make sure you bring your own clubs and gear with you to the course. Most courses are not renting out their gear right now so if you don’t have any of your own, you may want to postpone your game. 


While previously you may have thought nothing of sharing gear with your buddies, using someone else’s gear can increase the risk of cross-contamination. Don’t share gloves, clubs, golf balls or anything else while on the green.

Keep Groups Small

We know you miss your many golf friends. However, at this time, it’s important to keep your groups small. Some golf courses even require the groups to be less than a specific amount. This helps prevent a lot of people from being near each other and can reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Follow Safety Precautions to a Tee!

If you are planning to do some golfing in the midst of the pandemic, you may be looking for a safe way to book a tee time. It is possible to play golf and be safe, as long as you obey the necessary precautions to keep yourself and others safe. 


Our staff are trained in the best safety precautions against COVID-19, and we are ready to accommodate you and your golfing party. If you are planning tee times in Orange County, be sure to call Mile Square Golf Course today.